Planter Fasciitis Treatment

The basis of initial treatment is a combination of Stretching, Shoegear, Orthotics and Anti-inflammatory Medication

  1. Stretch daily (4x a day) as described by your doctor. The most important activity is the calf stretch.
  2. Evaluate your current shoes, make sure they are not worn out and still provide comfort. The best type of shoe to treat plantar fasciitis is a comfortable athletic shoe. They should feel good when you buy them, no athletic shoe should have to be broken in.
  3. Orthotics (inserts) help support the arch and take the tension off of the plantar fascia. Usually over the counter orthotics are insufficient in providing enough support and a custom pair are often superior.
  4. Anti-inflammtory medication such as Advil, Motrin, or Alleve often help improve pain associated with this condition. Please consult your doctor regarding the proper use of these medications. Often a steroid injection into the area can be substituted for oral anti-inflammatory medication if it has not been effective in reducing symptoms.

These four factors are reported to produce relief in 90% of patients.

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